Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Future of SLA - Meet with Members of the SRC Tuesday, March 15 at 6 PM ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Friends and Families of SLA:

As you may have heard through the grapevine, SLA is having a meeting with members of the School Reform Commission this Tuesday about our future home. Mr. Lehmann, all the teachers, parents, alumni, and current students will be there.

A few years ago, as our lease at 55 N. 22nd was coming to an end, the School District indicated we could not stay, so they suggested that we relocate to 440 N. Broad St. (School District Headquarters) or Vaux High School (23rd and Master Streets).  After meetings with the school community, a compromise of 440 North Broad was reached, but SLA families were clear that they preferred we stay in our home.  

Last week, Constitution High School (which faced the same prospect of moving) was told that it essentially had no choice and was being moved to Vaux.  We do not want that to be the fate of SLA.

You all know through your experience as SLA families (many of you with multiple students!) that the design of our building, as well as the central location of our school, are a huge part of what makes SLA what is. But our existence at 55 N. 22nd street is currently under threat.

Please join us for this important meeting:

Tuesday, March 15th at 6PM 
The SLA Cafe

We invite each and every one of you to come and speak to the following points:
  • How the DESIGN of the building is essential to the teaching and learning that goes on here.
  • How the LOCATION of the building is important for you -- especially for those of who travel from far corners of the city to a central location.
  • How the PROXIMITY to outside programs affects your education.

Please, please plan to be with us and to share your voice. We will have child care in the building, if that would preclude you from coming. It's that important to us. Other schools in our situation are being told by the SRC that under no circumstances will they be staying in their current locations. If we don't put up a fight now, we will lose our home. So we need your help. 

We, the families and friends and alumni of SLA, need to convince at least 3 members of the SRC that leaving a highly-successful school (which the district is trying to replicate) in its current location is the right and best thing to do.  Why "fix" something that isn't "broken" to begin with.  

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