Friday, May 3, 2013

2013-2014 Budget in Dire Straits - Please Help Fuel the Rocket

The School District is projecting a $300 million shortfall for the 2013-2014 school year. If our schools have to absorb a 25% cut to their budgets because of this shortfall, they effectively will be running on 40% less than fours years ago. This year's budget cut means $700,000 less for SLA. As Mr. Lehmann was quoted recently on WHYY, "there's no fat."

Here's what $700,000 translates into for SLA.

Spanish 2-4 will be taught online
No College Counseling
No Calculus
No Statistics
No Computer Science
No Engineering
No Upper Level Drama
No Digital Video
Earlier closings of the school building

If the School District eliminate athletics, all of our teams will also be lost.

Mr. Lehmann wants to avoid these cuts and is trying to raise funds from multiple sources. But, as parents and guardians of SLA, we must help. The Fuel the Rocket campaign goal is to raise at least $45,000 in the next six weeks. Please make a contribution to the Fuel the Rocket Campaign.  Please donate by check or use the online option in the right hand column.

At the April 30th, meeting, several parents made suggestions for other ways to raise funds for the campaign: a rummage sale, a jazz concert. If you have an idea or want to volunteer, please send us an email at ROCKETSFUNDRAISING@GMAIL.COM

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