Friday, April 27, 2012

Help Close the Gap in SLA's 2012-2013 Budget

Based on what the School District has told Mr. Lehmann, SLA will have less funding in 2012-13 than this past year.  The Home & School Association wants to raise $40,000 under the Fuel the Rocket Campaign to help close this gap.  We are asking every family to contribute some amount to help reach this goal.

Closing the gap will enable SLA to:

  • fund after school programs
  • keep the building open to 6pm every day
  • cover overtime for teachers and guards
  • books, papers and supplies
Please participate in SLA's Fuel the Rocket Campaign!

Learn more about SLA's 2012-13 budget situation at the Home & School general meeting on  

Tuesday May 8th,  6pm, SLA Cafe.

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